Edinburgh mindfulness courses

From 1st January 2017, Live Mindfully Ltd’s main focus will be on offering mindfulness and wellbeing coaching in the workplace and one-to-one wellbeing coaching.

If you would like to attend a public mindfulness course, Gillian Duncan and Ashley Watson, who delivered the Live Mindfully eight-week mindfulness courses until the end of 2016, will now run mindfulness courses and workshops in Edinburgh through their own company, The Moment is Now.



Generative Trance Practice Group
Saturday 4 November 2017

Stephen Gilligan Hero’s Journey
17-20 January 2019


I really enjoyed the course and came away floating on air, full of a quiet radiance and a delight in the new attention i was able to give to others….. and i guess to myself! Thanks so much for the delivery which was most helpful and therapeutic. I was pretty amazed by the residual feeling of wellbeing and balance the day left behind in my mind. I have been meditating every day since it finished – and taking moments as i sit, drive etc to settle my mind and be aware of my body, my breathing and my thoughts. Long may it last!
Thanks again

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