Mindfulness in the workplace (Part Two)

In our last post, we looked at some of the benefits of practising mindfulness in the workplace – both for you and for the organisation that employs you. In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the ways businesses, schools and charities have started introducing mindfulness into their working environments.

Live Mindfully in business: Tesco Bank

Elaine Henderson of Live Mindfully Ltd, at Tesco Bank during Mental Health Awareness Week

Elaine Henderson of Live Mindfully Ltd, at Tesco Bank during Mental Health Awareness Week

This year, for Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation chose to focus on mindfulness. Picking up on this, Tesco Bank’s Health & Wellbeing Group in Edinburgh decided that they wanted to offer staff information about how practising mindfulness could help them manage their work-life balance and improve their levels of focus and concentration.

The Health & Wellbeing Group invited Live Mindfully to take their information stand to Tesco Bank’s Haymarket offices in Edinburgh during Mental Health Awareness Week to be on hand to answer questions from employees. Many of the people visiting the stand had heard of mindfulness, but wanted answers to questions such as ‘What is mindfulness?’, ‘How can it help me?’ and ‘How and where can I learn it?’

Gillian Duncan, Tesco Bank award 4

Gillian Duncan, at Tesco Bank’s Annual Values Awards ceremony

Elaine Henderson and Gillian Duncan from Live Mindfully also ran mindfulness taster sessions for Tesco Bank’s staff at their Haymarket offices. These sessions covered ways of staying calm in the workplace and using mindfulness to boost resilience in difficult situations.

Incidentally, Gillian was recently presented with an award at Tesco Bank’s Annual Values Awards ceremony. She was nominated for the award by staff who attended the mindfulness sessions she ran for Tesco Bank’s Marketing Department during lunch hours and after work, teaching staff how to relax, minimise stress and be more focussed. (You can experience Gillian’s mindfulness coaching for yourself on one of Live Mindfully’s public courses in Edinburgh; she also runs our full-day workshops.)

Live Mindfully in education: Hawick High School

Elaine at Hawick High School's Health & Wellbeing Market Place event

Elaine at Hawick High School’s Health & Wellbeing Market Place event

It’s not just big businesses that can benefit from introducing mindfulness into their working environments. In June, Live Mindfully attended Hawick High School’s Health & Wellbeing Market Place Event.

During the school year, Hawick High School had been working hard to promote a mentally flourishing school. Part of this work involved researching ways of supporting the wellbeing of staff, pupils, parents and the wider community; the Live Mindfully information stand was a perfect fit for the event.

The Health & Wellbeing Market Place Event was open to the whole community and all staff and pupils within the school had the opportunity to attend.

Live Mindfully in the charity sector: British Heart Foundation

On 24th September, the British Heart Foundation ran an internal conference for their Community Fundraising Team. The event introduced, discussed and generated innovative ways of delivering the Foundation’s new Community Fundraising Strategy. The conference included interactive sessions, three British Heart Foundation marketplaces and multiple workshops – and Live Mindfully were there to run mindfulness taster sessions for the delegates.

Mindfulness in your workplace

Want to discuss your ideas about how Live Mindfully could introduce mindfulness in your workplace? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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